Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

The Brabant Radio Museum

We have been debating over breakfast whether or not the new museum in the next village to ours is the Brabant Museum of Radios or the Museum of Brabant Radios. (Report in Dutch here, video in Dutch here.) Mr Janssens, the proprietor, has 6000 radios stashed about the house, and has now put 1900 of them on display. (It is not clear if there are any other human occupants of the house.) In an inexplicable display of shortsightedness, none of the various state funding bodies offered funding for this enterprise, which has cost Mr Janssens €380000 of his own money. It is open on Friday evenings and all day at the weekends, should you wish to drop by. I am immeasurably excited by the prospect.
Tags: world: belgium

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