Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Echoes of Grey

Latest of the Big Finish Companion Chronicles, bringing back Wendy Padbury as Zoë, in a tale of investigation of curious biological experimentation with the significantly named Achromatics at the Whitaker Institute, close to Zoë's own time and space. I found myself wondering where this was going in the first half, but it picked up after the interval, basically as a narrative of Zoë remembering a past adventure out loud to a very interested listener (Ali, played by Emily Pithon). There is one really good idea here, which is the literary play on words linking the monsters and the title of the play; also Zoë's loss of memory, induced by the Time Lords after The War Games, is worked into the plot in a slightly new way. Padbury's impression of Troughton isn't perfect but is distinctive. Decent stuff.
Tags: doctor who, doctor who: 02, doctor who: audio

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