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i) births and deaths

None that caught my eye

ii) broadcast anniversaries

16th August 2002: webcast of episode 3 of Real Time. More messing around the time portal with Six, Evelyn and the Cybermen. Turns out the Tardis won't fit through it.

iii) dates specified in canon and spinoff fiction

16th August 1978: birth of Gwen Cooper, who grows up to be a Cardiff policewoman who joins Torchwood. (cf birth of Eve Myles on 8 July 1978; as I said before, mmmmmmm.)

16th August 1979: The First Doctor and Susan encounter the snail-like Slarvians who are planning to take over Earth by hatching their eggs all over the planet. (As told in Samantha Baker's "Childhood Living", in the 2006 Short Trips: The Centenarian anthology - though I must admit I read this quite recently and had comletely forgotten this story).

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