Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

World Cup wrap-up

Most widely predicted results:
Brazil beating North Korea (98.4%)
Brazil beating Chile (95.7%)
Argentina beating Greece (92.3%)
Germany beating Uruguay (92.2%)

Least unexpected draw: USA-Slovenia (34.2%)

Least expected results:
Serbia beating Germany (6.5%)
Switzerland beating Spain (8.0%)
Mexico and South Africa drawing (8.9%)
England and Algeria drawing (9.2%)
Côte d'Ivoire and Portugal drawing (9.4%)

And of the 281 people who put in 4015 predictions, the overall winner, by the merest hair, is chickenfeet2003 who correctly forecast 33 of the 64 matches. Seven of us got 32 correct - they were 10yroldwhizkid, getawaywithit, horizon_radar, caffeinatedlife, madam_raven, redfiona99 and, I am glad to report, me. (burkesworks, like me and chickenfeet2003, also entered predictions for all 64 matches but got only 29 right; which is still pretty good.)

Thanks to everyone. See you again in four years.
Tags: world cup 2010

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