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City of the Daleks - guest review

You may or may not aware that the BBC have produced two (out of an eventual four) computer games featuring the Eleventh Doctor and Amy, which can be downloaded from the BBC website. I'm not much of a gamer myself, but I have commissioned 10-year-old F, my in-house expert, to tell us about the first one, City of the Daleks. Take it away, F!
Hello? Is this what I speak into? Can you hear me at the back? IS THIS THING ON?!!? Ah, there we are. Now, I’m a big fan of video or computer games like Doctor Who: the Adventure Games, but I’ve never actually reviewed one before. So, here’s one to you, Doctor! Now, I’ll give a quick explanation of the plot of City of the Daleks with as few spoilers as possible, but if you own issue 422 of Doctor Who Magazine, I think you’ve got a pretty good idea already. In a nutshell, the Daleks have worked how to change time and wipe out the human race way back in 1963 – funny that he didn’t meet a couple of teachers called Ian and Barbara paying a visit to a schoolgirl called Susan Foreman who, funnily enough, lives in a police telephone box called the TARDIS that is bigger on the inside! But then again, it’s against the Laws of Time (see The Three Doctors). Anyway, back to City of the Daleks. Two great, famous Daleks appear – you’ll just have to guess which! But my favorite bit is where the Daleks go mad and shoot all over the place – why (not) onEarth are they doing that?! (Hint, hint. Tee hee.) It took me two or three weeks to get to the end of the episode. Download Doctor Who: the Adventure Games – City of the Daleks here: Have fun!

Coming soon (the review is, the game’s already out): Blood of the Cybermen. Download Blood of the Cybermen now at

Incidentally F also drew the icon I am using for this post (and for many of my Who-related posts) back in early 2007, as far as we can work it out. I have not edited him above.
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