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Whoniversaries 2 July

i) births and deaths

2 July 1973: birth of Peter Kay, guest star on Love and Monsters (2006).

2 July 1991: death of Don Houghton, who wrote Inferno (1970) and The Mind of Evil (1971).

ii) broadcast anniversaries

2 July 1966: broadcast of the second episode of The War Machines, in which poor Dodo Chaplet is unceremoniously written out of the programme. Starts with WOTAN demanding the presence of "Doctor Who". Ends with Ben being trapped by a newly activated War Machine.

2 July 2009: broadcast of Torchwood: The Golden Age, a somewhat bonkers radio play which brings Jack, Gwen and Ianto to India to meet an old flame of Jack's.


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Jul. 2nd, 2010 07:47 pm (UTC)
I assume you're up to speed on this for tomorrow, which just came through the moderation queue.
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