Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

May Books 17) Apollo 23, by Justin Richards

Justin Richards has written more Doctor Who books than anyone except Terrance Dicks, and those I've read have included more hits than misses. However, this isn't one of his more memorable contributions to the quasi-canon; at first it seems like an Eleventh Doctor rehash of The Seeds of Death but in fact the resolution is much closer to The Faceless Ones. Lots of stuff thrown in here without quite gelling - quantum wormholes, aliens just happening to take over a secret moonbase, and worst of all Not Enough Amy. Still, the target age group will probably enjoy it.

I see that the three Eleventh Doctor books to be published in July feature Rory as well as Amy (for obvious reasons, this will not be news to altariel) and have pre-ordered them for 5.90 each from the Book Depository.
Tags: bookblog 2010, doctor who, doctor who: 11, writer: justin richards

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