Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Election broadcast

Those of you who look at the Belfast News Letter may have picked up yesterday's 24-page election special, which stars me on the front page and at various points within. I shall also be on BBC Rsdio Ulster's "Inside Politics" programme on Sunday lunchtime, for those of you within range or inclined to listen on-line.

In particular on Thursday night I shall be in the BBC Northern Ireland television studio analysing the election results as they come in overnight (the first time that has happened). I guess this display will be visible only to viewers who get BBC NI (ie the whole of the island, if they want) but I hope there may be some cut across to the coverage in the rest of the UK, so as the cameras switch from Dimbleby to the Belfast studio for light relief you may see me in the background.

All good fun.
Tags: uk: election: 2010, world: northern ireland

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