Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Northern Ireland seats - odds from Ladbroke's

East Belfast: DUP 1-4, 4-1 UCUNF
North Belfast: DUP 2-7, SF 5-2
South Belfast: SDLP 5-4, DUP 2-1, UCUNF 5-2
West Belfast: SF 1-500
East Antrim: DUP 1-6, UCUNF 6-1
North Antrim: DUP 2-5, TUV 7-4
South Antrim: DUP 2-5, UCUNF 5-2
North Down: Sylvia Hermon 1-3, UCUNF 2-1
South Down: SDLP 1-5, SDLP 3-1
Fermanagh and South Tyrone: SF 2-7, DUP 11-2, UCUNF also 11-2
Foyle: SDLP 1-5, SF 3-1
Lagan Valley: DUP 1-10, UCUNF 6-1
East Londonderry: DUP 1-6, UCUNF 7-1
Mid Ulster: SF 1-100
Newry and Armagh: SF 1-20, SDLP 8-1
Strangford: DUP 8-11, UCUNF evens
West Tyrone: SF 1-50
Upper Bann: DUP 4-6, UCUNF 2-1, SF 7-1

(Only odds more likely than 10-1 included)

Very few of the bookmakers seem to be offering odds for the NI seats, and only Ladbroke's so far is doing so for all 18.
Tags: election: uk: 2010, world: northern ireland

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