Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

The Eleventh Hour

I think Doctor Who is in good hands. This is one of the stronger debut stories for a new Doctor - up there with Rose and An Unearthly Child. We enjoyed every minute of the hour.

Matt Smith does it with humour and total conviction, and Karen Gillan shows promise too (though hopefully will get a bit more to do in future episodes). You can understand that each of them clicked with Moffat and Wenger as rapidly as we are told they did. Amy's character starts with reason to be annoyed as well as fascinated by the Doctor, but is herself keeping some secrets from him and presumably from us too.

The actual plot did have a lot of elements from Moffat's previous Who stories - but these were good stories first time round, and we went in a slightly new direction here: for instance, the Doctor's visitation of Madame de Pompadour was him dipping into her story, whereas his visit to Amy got her into therapy (which, and this may have been a subtle point, may not be such a bad thing for a child who has lost her parents). Though I hope Moffat's future stories are a bit more experimental.

Lots of little pleasing points. The montage of the previous Doctors - a great way of establishing 46 years of continuity for new viewers. The Tardis swimming pool (for the first time in New Who, it's more than just the control room) and new interior (which is nicely syncretic, though children will need to be told what a typewriter is). The final shot of Amy's fannish drawings of the Doctor and the Tardis, and her wedding dress.

I'm not blown away by the new version of the theme music, but I will get used to it.

I'm away for the next two weeks but should be able to catch the next two episodes somehow...
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