Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

State of me

I've had a really bad cold for most of the last week: came home early Tuesday, spent most of Wednesday and Thursday in bed, struggled into work Friday morning but thought better of it and came home. The weekend has been largely horizontal though we made it to dinner with friends last night. I should be up and about tomorrow but am still taking it easy today. (This explains why I have been reading so many books in the last few days.)

It was exacerbated by a really painful mouth ulcer - one of the worst I can remember having. I eventually went to the doctor about it, and she told me that the one treatment which has consistently worked for me in the past - a corticosteroid cream - has been taken off the market. I couldn't quite believe this, and am still boggling slightly at the decisions of the pharmaceutical industry. The doctor prescribed me a version of the magic mouthwash used by chemotherapy patients, including not only a corticosteroid solution but also a judicious amount of lidocaine, which the chemist had to make up for me by hand; and I'm glad to say that cured it in 24 hours. But I'm still worried by the absence of a handy treatment which I might need, say, when travelling; I hope that something similar to the old cream comes back on the market soon.
Tags: mouth ulcers, ooogh

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