Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Books acquired in January

Wild Life by Molly Gloss
Doctor Who: Ten Little Aliens by Steve Cole
Triumph of a Time Lord: Regenerating Doctor Who in the Twenty-first Century by Matt Hills
Juba Arabic - English Dictionary, by Ian Smith and Morris T. Ama
Moon Stallion by Brian Hayles
Argonautica by Valerius Flaccus
Southern Sudan: Too Many Agreements Dishonoured by Abel Alier
Rookwood by William Harrison Ainsworth
Doctor Who Annual 1968
War of Visions: Conflicts of Identities in the Sudan by Francis Mading Deng
Faust (Part I) by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Doctor Who: Prisoner of the Daleks by Trevor Baxendale
Return of the Living Dad by Kate Orman
The Great Transformation by Karen Armstrong
Transition by Iain Banks
Travel Green Thailand by Richard Werly
Resolving the Cyprus Conflict: Negotiating History by Michalis Stavrou Michael
Elizabeth's Irish Wars by Cyril Falls
Tags: bookblog 2010

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