Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,


...that was better than I had feared. RTD has managed to write a decent finale.

Once we had disposed of the actual plot, about 40 minutes in, it was a rather affecting farewell to the Tennant era. I did find something in my eye when it turned out that Jessica Hynes' character was called Verity Newman. And again when the New Year encounter turned out to be at the start of that momentous year, 2005.

Broadening out a bit, I think it was entirely reasonable to give Ten a chance to say goodbye to his peeps. This happened in virtual reality for Four and Five as well, but it is much more satisfactory to have the next step in the companions' lives (as happened for Two, just before the Time Lords killed him).

It was also rather beautiful to have the deliberate echoing of Five's dying spaceship landing (and perhaps we will watch Caves of Androzani again in tribute over the weekend). Tennant was certainly copying Davison's grimace. Of course, absorbing radiation was the killing factor for Three and Nine as well.

Anyway, plenty of loose ends left. Who was the mysterious female Time Lord? Susan? Romana? Iris Wildthyme? River Song? Are the Time Lords (who are, as I thought, now Evil) dead forever? And the Master?

Not long to wait, anyway. Good to see Matt Smith get a decent lead-in as well.
Tags: doctor who, doctor who: 10, doctor who: 11
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