Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

December Books 11) Wild Sweet Love, by Beverly Jenkins

Another dip into the sub-genre of African-American romance, as told by Beverly Jenkins, whose books are among the highest-rated on LibraryThing. If anything I enjoyed this slightly more than Jewel. Most of the action takes place in 1897 Philadelphia, with the last section in a free black town in Kansas (the fictional settlement of Henry Adams, where a lot of Jenkins' other books are apparently set). There is not much to the plot; former bank robber Teresa July and businessman Madison Nance are obviously destined for each other, and some detailed and well-written erotic passages explain how they make up their minds to accept this destiny. Jenkins does throw in a fair bit of political commentary as well - the dispute between Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Dubois, corrupt Republican party bosses, feminism (Teresa's sister-in-law is mayor of Henry Adams), certainly enough to keep me happy and maintain my interest. It's really not a type of book I would normally read, but I'll look out for more Jenkins in the charity bookshops.
Tags: bookblog 2009, writer: beverly jenkins

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