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October Books 4) Labyrinth, by Kate Mosse

I had been warned that this novel of parallel plots between 1209 and 2005 was pretty dire, but it is vastly superior to The Da Vinci Code, and will appeal to the same sort of reader. I found it a bit dull in places and implausible - these fictional conspiracies always tend to have perfect knowledge of their situation apart from the One Thing our heroes can tell them - but there's a nice sense of the scenery of southern France.

I had logged the book as Not Fantasy before reading it, but in fact in the last couple of chapters it turns out that one of the 2005 characters has lived the whole way through from the thirteenth century, and the cave where the story started is collapsed by supernatural means, so I think in the end it is on the sff side of the boundary (certainly more securely so than Cryptonomicon).


Nov. 3rd, 2009 09:36 pm (UTC)
I classed this book as a thinking man's "Da Vinci Code". Better written and, as you say, a nice introduction to the South of France. Enjoyable, not brilliant, but missing the glaring factual errors in Dan Brown's book.

I was disappointed that "Cryptonomicon" just ended up being a gold rush. A weak story for the size of the book. I did not give up on Stephenson and was rewarded with "Snow Crash". Quite enjoyed "Anathem", but again, disappointed with the end, in as much as a bunch of friends (the gang) get to to into space and fight the bad guys. (Or did they?...)

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