Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

August Books

Non-fiction: 12 (YTD 67)

Fiction (non-sf): 9 counting Rankins separately (YTD 41)

SF (non-Who): 10 counting Brusts separately (YTD 58)

Doctor Who and Torchwood: 15 (YTD 42)

Comics: 7 (YTD 25)

9 (YTD 51/252) by women (Paula Devine, Dava Sobel, Harper Lee, Jane Austen, Michelle Magorian, Jessica Gregson, Margo Lanagan, Stephenie Meyer, Keiko Tobe)
1 (YTD 12/252) by PoC (Tobe)
Total page count ~15,000 (YTD ~71,600)
Owned for more than a year: 12 (To Kill A Mockingbird [reread], Swift's Satires, Pride and Prejudice [reread], Sacred Visions, Lord of Light [reread], Hotel Rwanda, Back Home, Galileo's Daughter, With the Light, Rebus x 3)
Also reread: none (YTD 26)
Tags: bookblog 2009
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