Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

August Books 39-40) Yendi and Teckla, by Steven Brust

After I rather bounced off Jhereg, I was urged to give Brust's Taltos books another try. I have done, and I'm afraid they still don't grab me at all.

These two novels failed for me for slightly different reasons. In Yendi, there is an attractive romance subplot between the assassin crimelord narrator and the woman who kills him before he gets "revivified", but the core story is mired in complex dynastic politics which were never explained to the point where I could actually care about them. In Teckla, I simply could not relate to Taltos' unwillingness to adapt his personal code of honour to his wife's political and personal interests: as far as I could suspend my disbelief, it made him a deeply unattractive character whose fate I could barely bring myself to care about. So I don't think I'll be trying any further volumes in the series.
Tags: bookblog 2009, writer: steven brust

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