Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

June Books

Non-fiction: 9 (YTD 45)

Shakespeare: 1 (YTD 19)

Fiction (non-sf): 6 (YTD 28)

SF (non-Who): 5 (YTD 41)

Who 2: (YTD 16)

Comics: 10 (YTD 16)

6 (YTD 34/165) by women (Woolf, Atwood, Rayner, Foglio, Carl, Rowling)
2 or 3 (YTD 9 or 10 / 165) by PoC (Tomine, Munif, and not sure if I can count Urrea)
Total page count ~9,400 (YTD 48,100)
Owned for more than a year: 6 (Sunset at Blandings, The Enchanted Isles, This Immortal [reread], Cities of Salt, The Devil's Highway, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [reread])
Other rereads: none (YTD 20)
Tags: bookblog 2009

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