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Telecoms package latest

I was off work for most of last week, but clearing my inbox have found this press release from the Czech government (currently holding the EU presidency), published last Thursday (11 June):
Presidency Press Statement on the state of play regarding the ‘telecoms package’

The Council of the European Union today held an informal discussion on the state of play regarding the ‘telecoms package’. The Member States consider this set of legislative proposals very important, not least because of the current economic downturn and the role the sector of information and communication technologies can play in mitigating its impact. The Council agrees that the three proposals of the ‘telecoms package’ should be adopted as soon as possible.

That is also why the Council, represented by the Czech Presidency, had spared no effort in intense discussions with the European Parliament on the package earlier this year, and finally reached a compromise solution with the Parliament’s negotiators on 28 April. However, in a plenary session on 6 May, the European Parliament adopted one provision (known as amendment 138 or 46) that runs counter to the agreement.

The Council is ready to work towards a solution of this last outstanding problem and looks forward to working with the newly appointed European Parliament during conciliation. However, the Council cannot take any formal position at present, since the Parliament has still not officially informed the Member States about its second reading position.
I suspect this is more an attempt by the caretaker technocratic Czech government to explain to the more impatient member states (ie France) why they haven't done anything about it, rather than an attempt to nudge the new European Parliament into changing its mind. Will keep watching this space though.
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