Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

European elections

The best of luck to Ian Parsley, who is the Alliance Party's candidate in the European elections in Northern Ireland tomorrow.

Likewise to my Lib Dem friends, alphabetically arranged: Stewart Arnold, Neil Corlett, Chris Davies, Andrew Duff, Jonathan Fryer, Simon James, Ben Jones, Christopher Le Breton, Sarah Ludford, Deborah Newton-Cook, Rebecca Taylor, Diana Wallis, Graham Watson, and Peter Welch. I will see most of you in Brussels one way or the other.

Also tomorrow the Netherlands elects its MEPs. Best of luck to Sophie in 't Veld, as lead candidate for D'66 - hope you get re-elected too.

Some countries will vote on Friday and Saturday, but most on Sunday. I shall cast my vote for Annemie Neyts here in Belgium; my best wishes go to Marianne Mikko in Estonia, Gisela Kallenbach, Doris Pack, and Heide Rühle in Germany, István Szent-Iványi in Hungary, Jelko Kacin in Slovenia and Ana Maria Gomes in Portugal; and especially to Nina Suomalainen in Finland who is not an incumbent but trying to get elected for the first time.
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