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May Books

Non-fiction: 10 (YTD 36)

Shakespeare: 4 (YTD 18)

Fiction (non-sf): 6 (YTD 22)

SF (non-Who, including Apuleius): 9 (YTD 36)

Who: 2 (YTD 14)

Comics: 2 (YTD 6)


11 (YTD 28/132) by women (Nafisi, Tocci, Mendlesohn, David, Oswald, 3x Wilson, Jenkins, Spencer, Rowling)
2 (YTD 7/132) by PoC (Nafisi, Jenkins - Apuleius discounted for being a full citizen of the Roman Empire even if he was African)
Total page count ~8,500 (YTD ~38,700)
Owned for more than one year: 5 (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire [re-read], Ravens Gathering, On the Place of Gilbert Chesterton in English Letters, The Stories of Elizabeth Spencer, Elric)
Also re-read: The Man in the High Castle (for a total of 2, YTD 18).

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