Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,
nwhyte / METAtropolis

Browsing through the Hugo shortlists, I discovered that one of the Best Dramatic Presentation - Long Form nominees is an audiobook anthology with stories by Jay Lake, Tobias Buckell, Elizabeth Bear, John Scalzi, and Karl Schroeder, edited by Scalzi. Since I'm working to the end of the BBC Lord of the Rings at the moment, this seemed like a good bet for commuting over the next few weeks, conveniently before the Hugo deadline.

Turns out it's only available from, which I didn't have an account on. Bah. Oh well, sign up for free, spend some more time downloading and installing the proprietary software. Shove in my Samsung YP-U2 to download the files.

No. It turns out that doesn't support my MP3 player.

Well, too bad. I'm not buying a new MP3 player just to listen to METAtropolis. Instead I'm deleting the proprietary software, cancelling my account, and continuing to enjoy my DRM-free listening experience. And I have been made a little more of an activist in the process.
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