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Yesterday being a public holiday (and I'm doing the pont today) we did the trip I have long been wanting to do, to Wéris in the Ardennes, fêted among enthusiasts as Belgium's answer to Stonehenge. Now that I've been and come back I find this guide to the site; on this trip we located only the Wéris I dolmen and the nearby menhir, but it was well worth the visit anyway.

As you can see, Wéris I has a fairly complex structure - the main monument has a sort of front garden of standing stones (here with F in front of the nearest and Anne and U at the next one).

This picture is looking back into the "front garden" from beside the main dolmen.

The main dolmen is too small for adults to explore properly, though better-suited for nine-year-olds:

U is sometimes shy in front of the camera:

But we got her on form a couple of times yesterday:

Finally, a rare portrait of myself, by the fine upstanding menhir about a km away from the first complex:

Now that I have a better idea of where to look, I'll certainly go back.
Tags: life: family, megaliths, world: belgium

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