Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Book meme

An interesting book meme from chickenfeet2003:

  1. I list three characters from ten favourite books.
  2. You try to guess what the books are!
  3. I reserve the right to be sneaky and use secondary characters.

  1. Frith, Pipkin, Blackberry
  2. Pastor Williams, Decuman, Lord Stansgate
  3. Bruce (the father), Helen (the mother), Joan (the girlfriend)
  4. Ulysse Mérou, Zira, Arthur Levain
  5. Duncan, Colin, Malcolm
  6. Bendico, Don Calogera, Ciccio
  7. Lake of the biology department, Atwood of the physics department, Captain Douglas
  8. Thorn, Gran'ma, Bartleby
  9. Rupert Potter, Benny Golightly, Selina Potter
  10. Ellen Emmett, Phil Graber, Dr Moreby

To make it easier, they are in alphabetical order by author. Also two of them are graphic novels.
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