Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

My twins

It's that time of year again when I think about my twins, those people born on the same day as me. (A brief trawl through the relevant statistics suggests that somewhat more than 300,000 people were born that day, the world population at the time being around 3.5 billion and the annual birthrate somewhere between 30 and 34 per 1000.)

I've done long lists of twins in previous years, here in 2008, here in 2006 and here in 2002; and a few months back I discovered that another of my twins is Valentine Strasser, who became military ruler of Sierra Leone just after our 25th birthday. Today I want to salute three literary twins:

Warren Read, whose The Lyncher In Me is the story of how an internet search opened up a dark chapter of family history,
Trish Doller, whose My Way or the Highway comes out shortly, and
Yves Cotten, whose work I haven't yet read either in French or Breton but it looks just lovely!

Happy birthday to them, and everyone else celebrating today.
Tags: people: my twins

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