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Timon is an Athenian whose generosity knows no bounds: certainly not, as it turns out, the bounds of his own finances. Meantime his friend Alcibiades leads an army against Athens for obscure reasons. Timon flees Athens because of his debts and dies in a cave, having coincidentally though not happily discovered a vast store of gold, while Alcibiades marches mercilessly on Athens.

There are several serious problems: the style is uneven (because of the shared authorship - a theory I completely buy); the Alcibiades plot is rather bolted on; several significant plot events (including Timon's death) happen off-stage; the pacing is very weird (where most Shakespeare plays have a significant moment in Act 3, here the key scene is not until the end of Act 4); and Timon himself is a rather uninspiring hero, a poor reflection of Lear and Hamlet - so much so that I really wondered if the accepted chronology might be wrong and this a trial piece for better known and frankly superior works.

No doubt a good actor and inspired director could make a great production of this (and no doubt several have). Arkangel has made a good effort with Alan Howard in the title role. But it seemed to me surprisingly thin.

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Apr. 14th, 2009 08:19 pm (UTC)
Interesting - I've been meaning to read this play since I started reading Middleton's works a while back, just to see if I could spot Middleton's style, which strikes me as very different from Shakespeare's. The plot twist of Timon discovering the gold and then dying seems very Middletonian somehow.
Apr. 14th, 2009 09:29 pm (UTC)
There was a fairly good production at the Globe last year, with some wild scenic gimmickry that you wouldn't believe me if I went into detail about. IIRC Timon died semi-onstage by burying himself alive.
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