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I've been watching The Prisoner over the last few months (having bought a complete set of videos at auction from the estate of the much-missed David Stewart) and reached the end this evening, treating myself to a double bill of Once Upon a Time and Fallout.

There are those who say that Fallout, the final episode is a true work of genius, and those who say that it is total nonsense. (I suppose there may be some who maintain both points of view.) Myself, I love it to bits. IMHO the only moment where it falters is where Number Six, The Kid and The Former Number Two are shooting down the bad guys to "All You Need Is Love" - I think that is in somewhat poor taste. But all the rest is brilliant: a triumph of showing rather than telling, leaving the viewer to put together his or her own interpretation. (Even if that interpretation may be "What a load of rubbish!")

My favourite moments: are: 1) when the Controller puts on his mask and robe and goes to join the other masked, robed guys; 2) when they all echo Number Six's first person pronoun to the point of drowning out what he is saying; and 3) at the end when Number Six and the Butler cross the road together. But I think it is almost all sheer genius.

What about you?

And what reference book about The Prisoner should I get?
Tags: tv: the prisoner
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