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Masters of War is the latest in the BF Doctor Who Unbound series of audios, featuring David Warner as an alternate Third Doctor. I decided that before listening to it I would give the first Warner!Doctor story, Sympathy for the Devil, another go. I must say I appreciated its strengths even more two years on, with the Warner!Doctor / Gatiss!Master relationship sonewhat eerily mirrored by that between Nicholas Courtney's failed Brigadier and his arrogant successor (played by David Tennant).

Unfortunately I didn't think Masters of War matched up. There are some excellent performances - Terry Molloy as Davros, Courtney as the Brigadier, Briggs as the Daleks, Amy Pemberton as one of the Thals - but there's a bit of a gap at the centre as Warner doesn't quite seem to know what hs Doctor is really doing. The plot, too, disappointed - it's a great idea, taking the Doctor and Brigadier to a post-Genesis Skaro where Davros parted from the Daleks on his own terms - but the key to the story turns out to be some rather dull all-powerful aliens manipulating Thals, Kaleds and now Daleks, and the plot has a lot of standing around getting bombed or shot at. It's not actually awful, but it is average where it could have been excellent.


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Mar. 9th, 2009 02:56 am (UTC)
Oh, I loved Masters of War - I think the Warner!Doctor is one of my favourites, which makes me sad as he doesn't officially count, heh.
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