Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

February Books 4) Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, by JK Rowling

I first read this back in March 2000, on my way back from my first ever visit to Kosovo, on the recommendation of some American friends working there. It remains a good read; one of the effects of having seen the films, of course, is that it's now impossible to read Hagrid or Snape without hearing Robbie Coltrane or Alan Rickman in your head.. (Let alone Radcliffe, Watson or Grint.)

Indeed, one ability Rowling displays here which she rather let slip in some of the later books is the skill of telling a thrilling story with hints of the historical background and wider world of wizardry in a mere 220 pages. It is a good tale, engagingly told.

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Tags: bookblog 2009, rereads, writer: jk rowling

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