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morning's amusement

This is a graph plotting the Big Finish Doctor Who audios by internal chronology versus order of release. (Apart from the most recent 8th Doctor ones.) Sourced from the WikiPedia lists.

Fifth DoctorSixth DoctorSeventh DoctorEighth Doctor
BFA 91 Circular Time (i)
BFA 4 The Land of the Dead
BFA 10 Winter for the Adept
BFA 15 The Mutant Phase
BFA 26 Primeval
BFA 34 Spare Parts
BFA 44 Creatures of Beauty
BFA 66 The Game
BFA 91 Circular Time (ii)
BFA 93 Renaissance of the Daleks
VI Return to the Web Planet
BFA 107 The Haunting of Thomas Brewster
BFA 110 The Boy That Time Forgot
BFA 113 Time Reef & A Perfect World
BFA 91 Circular Time (iii)
BFA 47 Omega
BFA 1 The Sirens of Time
Ex1 Excelis Dawns
BFA 2 Phantasmagoria
BFA 20 Loups-Garoux
BFA 76 Singularity
BFA 8 Red Dawn
BFA 95 Exotron & Urban Myths
BFA 24 The Eye of the Scorpion
BFA 38 The Church and the Crown
DWM4 No Place Like Home
BFA 41 Nekromanteia
BFA 56 The Axis of Insanity
BFA 59 The Roof of the World
BFA 69 Three's A Crowd
BFA 71 The Council of Nicaea
BFA 81 The Kingmaker
BFA 87 The Gathering
DWM9 Cuddlesome
BFA 99 Son of the Dragon
BFA 102 The Mind's Eye
BFA 104 The Bride of Peladon
BFA 102 Mission of the Viyrans
BFA 117 The Judgement of Isskar
BFA 91 Circular Time (iv)
BFA 48 Davros
IV Cryptobiosis
BFA 90 Year of the Pig
BFA 3 Whispers of Terror
BFA 35 …ish
BFA 86 The Reaping
BFA 51 The Wormery
BFA 33½ The Maltese Penguin
BFA 14 The Holy Terror
DWM3 The Ratings War
Ex2 Excelis Rising
III Her Final Flight
BFA 94 I.D. & Urgent Calls
BFA 6 The Marian Conspiracy
BFA 1 The Sirens of Time
BFA 9 The Spectre of Lanyon Moor
BFA 11 The Apocalypse Element
BFA 22 Bloodtide
BFA 23 Project: Twilight
BFA 37 The Sandman
BFA 40 Jubilee
BFA 43 Doctor Who and the Pirates
I Real Time
BFA 45 Project: Lazarus
BFA 57 Arrangements for War
BFA 60 Medicinal Purposes
BFA 78 Pier Pressure
BFA 84 The Nowhere Place
BFA 100 100
BFA 105 The Condemned
BFA 108 Assassin in the Limelight
BFA 111 The Doomwood Curse
BFA 114 Brotherhood of the Daleks
VII Return of the Krotons
BFA 116 The Raincloud Man
BFA 27 The One Doctor
BFA 65 The Juggernauts
BFA 68 Catch-1782
BFA 73 Thicker than Water
BFA 97 The Wishing Beast & The Vanity Box
BFA 70 Unregenerate!
BFA 85 Red
BFA 39 Bang-Bang-a-Boom!
BFA 46 Flip-Flop
BFA 12 The Fires of Vulcan
BFA 5 The Fearmonger
BFA 7 The Genocide Machine
BFA 21 Dust Breeding
BFA 25 Colditz
BFA 36 The Rapture
BFA 58 The Harvest
BFA 67 Dreamtime
BFA 74 LIVE 34
BFA 79 Night Thoughts
BFA 82 The Settling
BFA 89 No Man's Land
BFA 92 Nocturne
BFA 106 The Dark Husband
BFA 115 Forty Five
BFA 13 The Shadow of the Scourge
BFA 42 The Dark Flame
Ex3 Excelis Decays
DWM2 Last of the Titans
BFA 45 Project: Lazarus
BFA 49 Master
V Return of the Daleks
BFA 1 The Sirens of Time
BFA 96 Valhalla
BFA 98 Frozen Time
BFA 109 The Death Collectors & Spider's Shadow
BFA 112 Kingdom of Silver & Keepsake
II Shada
BFA 16 Storm Warning
BFA 17 Sword of Orion
BFA 18 The Stones of Venice
BFA 19 Minuet in Hell
BFA 28 Invaders from Mars
BFA 29 The Chimes of Midnight
DWM5 Living Legend
BFA 30 Seasons of Fear
BFA 31 Embrace the Darkness
BFA 32 The Time of the Daleks
BFA 33 Neverland
BFA 50 Zagreus
BFA 52 Scherzo
BFA 53 The Creed of the Kromon
BFA 54 The Natural History of Fear
BFA 55 The Twilight Kingdom
BFA 61 Faith Stealer
BFA 62 The Last
BFA 63 Caerdroia
BFA 64 The Next Life
BFA 72 Terror Firma
BFA 75 Scaredy Cat
BFA 77 Other Lives
BFA 80 Time Works
BFA 83 Something Inside
BFA 88 Memory Lane
BFA 101 Absolution
BFA 103 The Girl Who Never Was


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Jan. 31st, 2009 08:56 am (UTC)

We need to talk. Is this some sort of cry for help?

Jan. 31st, 2009 09:03 am (UTC)
Sorry if I appeared to be ignoring you in the cafe yesterday - was on an urgent errand to the bank! By the time I got back, you had gone. (So I went for sushi instead.) But I like that new place - much less crowded than ExKi, and just as good.
Jan. 31st, 2009 09:11 am (UTC)
Hi Nick, no we didn't feel ignored, in fact Zoe said, "We must have lunch with Nick soon". Seems like you were thinking likewise. I guessed that you were leaving ExKi and busy. Zoe asked me out for a bagel. I was disappointed to find they didn't do bacon ones.

But the graph, Nick. I know you're an Uber Cool Nerd,but that graph should put you way off the scale. I'm only a Cool Nerd who gets his jollies on his #belgiumnews Twitter tag.

Jan. 31st, 2009 10:41 am (UTC)
You obviously have far too much time on your hands, young man. I suggest you read more books and take the occasional cold shower.
Feb. 1st, 2009 06:56 am (UTC)
This is the best thing ever. You are awesome and my new hero. I've been wanting something like this for ages.
Feb. 1st, 2009 02:17 pm (UTC)
That is SO COOL!

So x-axis is time, y-axis is internal chronology? Man, Six is all over the place!

PS: Did you use gnuplot to make this?
Feb. 1st, 2009 06:28 pm (UTC)
That is SO COOL!


So x-axis is time, y-axis is internal chronology?

The x-axis is release order, rather than a strict timeline. There are a few long gaps, and there are other times where there is a concentration of releases, but I didn't think factoring those differences in would help the clarity of the graph much.

Six is all over the place!

He is, isn't he! Mainly because he has more non-overlapping companions than the others - Peri, Evelyn, Frobisher, and Mel.

Did you use gnuplot to make this?

No, but I probably should have. I used OpenOffice - Excel's XY plotting is pretty crap.
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