Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

A little odd

Last night we sampled the delights of 't Zuiderhuis, a rather swanky new restaurant which is, crucially, within walking distance of our house.

We had the special - started with a salad with wee bits of pheasant, and the main course being delicious flash-fried chunks of tuna with baked endive. We accepted their recommendation of an Argentinian red wine, enjoyed the food and drink, and tripped merrily home.

But we both woke at about 5 am this morning having had weird dreams. In my case I was setting up a branch office in Geneva with various improbable problems afflicting me in the process, and it was All My Fault. (Anne told me her dream too, but neither of us can remember it now except that it was weird.) One suspects that something was up with the food (probably the tuna).

Well, there you go. I suspect we will try them again, but probably not soon.
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