Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

All Paul Cornell's fault

I blame Paul Cornell for my late arrival at home this evening.

Belgium was blessed with the miracle of snowfall yesterday (the first day back after the hols for most of us) and those of you who stalk me on Facebook and Twitter will have seen that my journey to work today was not quick: the bus failed to arrive, the train failed to arrive, and eventually my long-suffering spouse dropped me at the main line station in Leuven. Having left home at 0830, I arrived at the office roughly three hours later.

That wasn't the bit that was Paul Cornell's fault.

Coming home again this evening, the various main line trains were delayed by varying amounts. If you travel from Brussels North or Brussels South, you will generally be OK because your train tends to stick to the particular platform without being changed, there being enough platforms to go round. But in Brussels Central (which is much smaller) there are only six platforms, three in each direction, and then we find trains being switched rather arbitrarily between platforms at the last minute, especially if they are all running a bit late.

We are getting to the bit where it is Paul Cornell's fault.

As it happened, my commuting listening today was the Big Finish audio play, Circular Time, which is actually four linked narratives featuring Peter Davison's cricketing Doctor Who and his companion Nyssa, played by Sarah Sutton. The strongest of the four (which are all very good) is the third, "Autumn", which has Davison's Doctor exploring the relationship between male sexuality and cricket, and Sutton's Nyssa tangling romantically with a local villager.

I was sufficiently glued to the MP3 player as I listened that I somehow misunderstood which train I was getting on at Brussels Central. When I looked up again, I had arrived in the airport, rather than in Leuven as planned. If I had been listening to a less good play, I would have been better able to concentrate on my surroundings, and would have got home in time to catch the start of University Challenge. Luckily the next couple of trains were just sufficiently late that I got home at five past the hour, just about twelve and a half hours after leaving in the morning. (And University Challenge was a close match, wasn't it!)

I need hardly tell you who wrote Circular Time. As will be obvious from the above, it is All His Fault.

BTW I think I have managed to fix this so that it only appears on Facebook as a Note on my Wall, but is a full status update on Twitter. Howver, I'm going to sleep now, and shall check in the morning.
Tags: doctor who, doctor who: 05, world: belgium, writer: paul cornell
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