Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

The Year of the Pig

Dear God, a Doctor Who story set in Belgium, featuring Marcel Proust??? Why did nobody tell me about this before????? Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant as Six and Peri check into the Hotel Palace Thermae in Ostende in the year 1913, and find other guests played by Maureen "Vicki" O'Brien, Michael "Vila" Keating, Adjoa "Martha's mum" Andoh, and most of all Paul Brookes, who I hadn't previously heard of, as Toby the Sapient Pig. The question of whether or not it is any good is contested among fans: I am in the minority who liked it, especially with all the references to Proust (who is also staying in the hotel and is assaulted by the Doctor off-stage at one point). The showdown takes place in Brussels, and I could more or less see it coming, but it is a fun ride.
Tags: doctor who, doctor who: 06, doctor who: audio, world: belgium, writer: proust
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