Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

The first of the end-of-the-year memes

The first sentence of the first lj entry for each month:

January: A lot of people on librarything are doing this: basically, mark any of these books which you have ever read (not just in 2007). My increasingly traditional book poll. (This year's one will be a bit trickier to lay out.)

February: ...which Torchwood character are you?, from The Guardian. I will not say who I turned out to be. (I have forgotten by now.)

March: I read with great interest this review of Kate Fisher's Birth Control, Sex and Marriage in Britain 1918-1960 - so much so that I didn't even spot the name of the reviewer. The reviewer was one Harry Cocks.

April: Just received an exciting message from ("the worlds' largest travel and lifestyle community", WAYN standing for "Where Are You Now"). Yet another crap social network.

May: I must admit I wouldn't normally read a book like this; it came free with the Palm T|X back in November 2005, and I had pretty much laid that gadget aside since I got a Blackberry with my new job last year. Review of Pat Conroy's novel, The Prince of Tides.

June: I know this is a heretical view, given that this is such a popular and well-loved book, but I found it terrifically tough going. Review of Little, Big, by John Crowley.

July: I have never been all that convinced by Arrow's Impossibility Theorem, which "proves" that there is no perfect voting system and made its author the youngest ever winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics. My views on why Arrow got it wrong.

August: So, did anyone else see it? The partial solar eclipse on 1 August.

September: Picked this up on a friend's recommendation of the author last month, and I must say I was really impressed. Review of Mystic River, by Dennis Lehane. (Can't remember who recommended him to me now.)

October: What name is missing? First names of US Presidents. (Second post of the month, as first was locked.)

November: I got this after reading Vanity Fair, and reflecting that it's a while since I last went down to the battle site, which is only half an hour's drive from us. Review of Andrew Roberts' book on the Battle of Waterloo.

December: I picked this up in Paris a few weeks back, and was inspired to re-read it - of course, I had first read it as a teenager - by young F picking up Zlata's Diary to read at the weekend. Review of the Diary of Anne Frank.

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