Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

I had originally planned to take last Thursday and Friday and Friday off work, so as to do research on the Nicholas White/William Cecil correspondence in the National Archives and British Library, and also take in the Tun on Thursday night. But alas, events gradually conspired against me; an important meeting in Brussels was scheduled for Thursday morning, the National Archives are closed, and I have two VIP visitors coming next week whose agendas need preparation, so in the end I settled for buying two books about William Cecil second-hand off the internets. I will probably try this trip early next year though, so possibly see some of you in the Melton Mowbray on 5 February.

Meantime, have a couple of links:

rosisexton ponders the similarities between physical and psychological stress.

mcfnord is working on some more lj network mapping - not quite perfected yet, but worth watching.

Monitoring your MEP - Real Soon Now.

Anagrams: Howl hesitancy. Welsh China toy. I watch shy Noel.

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