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November Books 27-29) The Negotiator Trilogy

27) Heart of Stone, by C.E. Murphy
28) House of Cards, by C.E. Murphy
29) Hands of Flame, by C.E. Murphy

These three books take mizkit's urban fantasies to new territory: specifically New York rather than Seattle, and with her heroine a feisty lawyer rather than a mechanically-minded policewoman. I saw the author summarise the setting of the first book back at P-Con in a sentence: "Margrit's met the perfect man, except that he's a gargoyle and he's wanted for murder" - at which someone sitting behind me called to her, "I do not think that word means what you think it means: 'Perfect'."

We have five old races - the gargoyles, djinns, dragons and selkies, each affiliated with one of the four traditional elements, and the vampires which are somehow separate - dealing with the dangerous business of interacting with the contemporary human world. It's a fairly Buffy-esque setting, with a couple of conscious references, though also a number of important differences.

I think the three books are not sufficiently independent to read other than as a series. The first book treats Margrit's entry into the parallel world of the Old Races; the second has her negotiating a new deal between them; and the third sees a settling of scores among them, again brokered by Margrit. All very enjoyable, and lightened my trip to Cyprus (and return to rainy Belgium).
Tags: bookblog 2008, writer: ce murphy

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