Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

November Books 8) The Doctor Who Annual 1966

8) Doctor Who Annual [1966], [rumoured to be mainly written by David Whitaker]

I must say it was interesting to read this at the same time as Jim Mortimore's Campaign. This was the first of many Doctor Who annuals, containing half a dozen short stories about the Doctor - two of which feature the Zarbi and Menoptera from The Web Planet, with one each for the Voords from The Keys of Marinus and the Sensorites. One story has two children and their dog sneaking onto the Tardis, but otherwise the Doctor is travelling alone. The illustrations are beautiful; the stories fairly standard, with huge lapses of continuity (Is the Doctor from Earth or not? What is the timeline of the stories set on Vortis?) and the occasional scientific howler (the Crab Nebula is not a galaxy; it is part of the Milky Way). It's included as an extra on the Dalek Invasion of Earth DVD, but I imagine that few will have taken the trouble to actually read it!
Tags: bookblog 2008, doctor who, doctor who: 01, doctor who: spinoff fiction, writer: david whitaker

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