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2008 Films 4) Cruel Intentions

I'm becoming a real cinema addict these days - September isn't over yet, and I have seen four films this year!

Well, Cruel Intentions is running fourth out of four at present. I saw the Glenn Close / John Malkovich / Michelle Pfeiffer Dangerous Liaisons back in 1989 (with manjushra, if memory serves me right) and there is simply no comparison. Apart from anything else, Ryan Philippe, playing the male lead, cannot actually act, which is a fairly serious demerit since the story revolves around him. Meanwhile the female leads, Selma Blair, Reese Witherspoon and especially Sarah Michelle Gellar, do their level best with what they are given, but they are not given much. In particular, SMG is very good in the final scene where her reputation disintegrates, but I am afraid that Glenn Close was better. The incidental music is fun but not quite fun enough. I think even hardened Buffy fans can skip this.
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