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September Books 5) The Stone Rose

5) The Stone Rose, by Jacqueline Rayner

This is the most owned Doctor Who book on LibraryThing, for some reason; I guess it was the first Tenth Doctor book to come out. Team Tardis (Doctor and Rose, with Mickey and Jackie visible too) find a statue of Rose dating from Roman times in the British Museum. Solving the mystery takes a certain amount of timewarping, mostly during the reign of Hadrian, and dealing with an advanced technology indistinguishable from magic. The characterisation of Ten is nice enough, though not yet developed to the heights of Tennant's recent performance. The plot was a bit handwavey and the writing a bit flat. (I found the same problem with Rayner's introductory Six/Evelyn audio, The Marian Conspiracy; though Doctor Who and the Pirates is a different matter.) My classically-inclined Whovian friends will need to get this to complete the set of The Romans/The Fires of Pompeii etc, but others can probably give it a miss. Passes the Bechdel test though with Rose and a girl from the future sorting things out in the Doctor's absence.
Tags: bookblog 2008, doctor who, doctor who: 10, doctor who: spinoff fiction, writer: jacqueline rayner

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