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Presidential election

Is Lembit Öpik actually going to stand in the Lib Dem presidential election? Ros Scott's campaign site went live earlier this week; but there's no mention of Lembit's candidacy on the Montgomery Lib Dems site (perhaps that's not allowed); nor, rather more surprisingly, on what appears to be his "official" site at ePolitix. (Indeed, the latter spells his surname "�pik" and appears not to have been updated for some time - the latest engagement marked in Lembit's diary is for Saturday 12 June, which last fell in 2004.) The site is completely blank. Like anyone who reads the papers I know Lembit has not had an easy time in his personal life over the last few months; it would not astonish me if he decided that he didn't need the hassle of the internal party election at this stage.

(Edited to add - I see James Graham asking the same question.)
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