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DWCon and disrupted night

A very nice day at Discworld yesterday, mainly for catching up with lj folks, some of them (kelvix, sierra_le_oli, ailbhe and especially uitlander) for the first time in the flesh; good to also see watervole, natural20, bellinghman, bellinghwoman, clanwilliam, gmh, rmc28, fanf and Charles, and anyone else I've failed to mention. Also I actually attended two panels, Jacqueline Simpson talking about the folklore of Discworld and Jack Cohen on sex and reproduction in Discworld. I was interested to note that both panels had a single speaker, in contrast to most sf con panels I have attended. (Also beckyl put me right about the early history of the game of Thud!

Anyway, good stuff, and I may try and attend for longer at some future event.

Last night was very disrupted by little U deciding that 3 am was the right time to wake up. She has been entertaining us all in her own special way for the last five hours or so. We are returning to Belgium today, but will be starting very slowly.
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