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August Books 9) Completely Unexpected Tales

9) Completely Unexpected Tales, by Roald Dahl

This volume combines the short story collections Tales of the Unexpected and More Tales of the Unexpected - I must have read the latter some time, but a lot of the stories in the former were new to me, eg the one with the disembodied brain which I think I would certainly have remembered. They are all real masterpieces, and actually reading them all at one go is probably not the best way to enjoy them - they are best piece by piece.

(NB - keeping tabs on this in my reading from now on - none of these stories passes the Bechdel test. Most have male narrators or viewpoint characters; the closest approach to a pass is "The Umbrella Man", where the twelve-year-old narrator and her mother do discuss the eponymous umbrella but mostly discuss the eponymous man.)
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