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Recent adventures - wedding and birthday

First off, my gallery of the wedding of liberaliser and Mrs liberaliser. The first three pics are from the civil ceremony on 4 July; then the rest from the religious ceremony on 11 July, six from the church, and seven from the reception, of which I admit that only two are of the happy couple themselves, five of our son and/or his second cousin, and one of artw's cousin and her partner who were at our table. It was a great day, and we also have videos (not totally audible) of the speeches.

Next up, F's birthday, which began on Friday with the usual examination of the spoils:

Followed by a party yesterday at which his baffled young Flemish friends were introduced to the star attraction:

F was determined that his party should have an Ancient Egyptian theme, though was concerned that this might not be totally consistent with Daleks. Luckily I was able to put him right. So we have the Walking Like An Egyptian game, the provision of dates and figs, and the pyramid-shaped birthday cake.

Great fun was had by all.
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