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Political post #1 of 3) Ros v Lembit

Last night I attended the summer party of the Brussels branch of the [UK] Liberal Democrats, where the guest of honour was Ros Scott, the blogging Baroness. She is campaigning for the position of President of the overall party, to be elected in a few weeks from now in an all-member ballot. The other likely candidate is Lembit Öpik MP, who lost by a fairly substantial margin to Simon Hughes in 2004 (though he got my vote).

I didn't know a lot about Ros Scott before last night, but she talked a good line on how to run the party better; mostly to do with parts of the machinery I have had little to do with even in my more activist days, but it all seemed to make sense. Also it cannot be said that the events of the last few years have made Lembit's powers of judgement look particularly impressive, and I suspect that a lot of us who voted for him last time will be somewhat leery of repeating the experience. So as of now, the blogging Baroness has my vote; and good luck to her.



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Jul. 18th, 2008 12:08 am (UTC)
I would've likely voted for her on a "anyone competent not an MP" ticket anyway, but yes, she is impressively good and knows what needs to be done. Married to Mark Valladares recently as well, and I got one really well with him on the few events we both managed to make while I was in London.

She's not only a damn good candidate, she's also Not Lembit, so that's three reasons. Plus she's doing the rounds campaigning very effectively, which is nice. Up our way soon.
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