Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Ow update, and phones

Monday morning I woke up in excruciating pain at 0400, and phoned the office of the dentist who I had seen last Thursday. I was planning to just leave a "I NEED AN EMERGENCY APPOINTMENT PLEASE CALL ME BACK" message on his answering machine, but to my surprise a rather sleepy nurse answered and promised to book me in as soon as possible. She called back mid-morning and told me to go to the other partner's other office at lunchtime, which was quite a long way away, but luckily I had the car. The partner looked at me somewhat askance when I arrived, and asked if I remembered meeting him before, because the nurse thought he had treated me? I confirmed his suspicion that we did not know each other.

Five minutes later, after fiddling around in my mouth for a bit he exclaimed "Ah! I remember now! My colleague brought me in last week to look at you! I didn't recognise you, Mr Whyte, but I do recognise your tooth!" And he turned to his assistant and repeated in French, "C'est ça, je me souviens de sa dent!"

Rather sorely I returned to the office. I will have to go back for more on Thursday of this week. The words "root canal" have been mentioned. (Discussing this with colleagues today, one of them said that as far as he knew he didn't have any root canals and hoped he would never find out.)

My mood on Monday was not improved by Belgacom, who cannot install a land-lines for the new office until 31 July. (Those of you - most of you, I think - who are in my address book will have received a note today of my new coordinates including a cryptic statement about this.) Since Belgacom have a monopoly on the crucial local loop part, we are trapped. In order to get internet access for the office at all, I went out and invested in a pair of wireless USB dongles - my assistant's dongle works fine, but I had to do a lot of fiddling with my own dongle to get it to perform properly.


Meanwhile my nether regions are making a good recovery, thank you. My assistant has been performing miracles of IKEA furniture assembly while I've been fiddling with my dongle and taking it fairly easy with the heavy lifting. I probably should have been more careful last week - I suspect I did set myself back a couple of days. But it seems better now.

This made me laugh.
Tags: life: work, ooogh, world: belgium
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