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The Name Game

When I was a Cambridge undergraduate, I was in the same yeargroup and at the same college as this guy. Mind you, in the year below us at Clare there were two Andrew Smiths.

Samuel Pepys finds himself in a slightly more extreme situation, having dinner with no less than four Richard Brownes, three of whom were knighted and thus Sir Richard Browne.

Tell me, does this ever happen to you?


Jun. 15th, 2008 11:02 am (UTC)
Some years ago, when I was more active in Cambridge LibDems than I am now, the secretary was also called Rachel Coleman, though she came to her surname by marriage. (I believe she's now divorced and moved away.) I met her in person on the way to the great anti-war march in 2003.

When I was at New Hall, there was another Rachel in the same year. In the first year she was doing natsci with 25% compsci and I was doing standard physical natsci, so I was physics-Rachel and she was compsci-Rachel. By our third year, I was doing the Part II (General) compsci, and she was doing Part II physics, so now I was compsci-Rachel and she was physics-Rachel. Just for confusion.

My friend Helen and I both did Part II (General) and were supervised together for all subjects, as the only New Hall students doing the course. We were of similar height, weight and hair colour and it was clear from end-of-term reports that at least some of our supervisors had us mixed up.

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