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The Name Game

When I was a Cambridge undergraduate, I was in the same yeargroup and at the same college as this guy. Mind you, in the year below us at Clare there were two Andrew Smiths.

Samuel Pepys finds himself in a slightly more extreme situation, having dinner with no less than four Richard Brownes, three of whom were knighted and thus Sir Richard Browne.

Tell me, does this ever happen to you?


Jun. 14th, 2008 08:25 am (UTC)
There was another me in my year at UCL. I know because his name was already crossed off when I went to enrol but I never actually (knowingly) met him. His middle name must have been earlier in the alphabet than mine because he got the standard firstname.lastnight email address and I got the inferior initial.initial.lastname one.

However, I got there first on Gmail which means I get quite a bit of email for an Australian who likes cycling and swimming and lives in Victoria.

And then there is the money saving expert...

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