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The Name Game

When I was a Cambridge undergraduate, I was in the same yeargroup and at the same college as this guy. Mind you, in the year below us at Clare there were two Andrew Smiths.

Samuel Pepys finds himself in a slightly more extreme situation, having dinner with no less than four Richard Brownes, three of whom were knighted and thus Sir Richard Browne.

Tell me, does this ever happen to you?


Jun. 14th, 2008 07:23 am (UTC)
Nope, but what I get is:

1. People mistaking me for someone named Kelly. This began in junior high, when another brown-haired girl who wore glasses was in the same year as me. We both were referred to by each other's names for well over a year before we finally met, and throughout high school I became so accustomed to people getting my name wrong that when I was in a Spanish class with a *different* Kelly, I kept answering when she was called on. This continued outside of school when at a job people, for some inexplicable reason, kept thinking my name was Kelly, and in fact only last year (to my huge amusement) a note that was meant to go to author Kelly Armstrong came to me. Presumably she got mine. The editor in question was very embarrassed, but I thought it was really funny.

2. People I don't know walk up to me and resume conversations they've obviously been having with someone else. I stare at them in bewilderment and eventually, as I fail to answer, they become increasingly uncomfortable, finally give me a good hard look, and say things like, "Oh, God! You're not Michelle!" and run away. This has been happening since I was nine, and apparently looked sufficiently like the best friend of a girl who'd just moved from, er, somewhere in the Lower 48 to my home town, that when I went to her birthday party, her mother opened the door, stared in astonishment at the little girl standing alone on the porch, and said, "Bonnie?!?" Apparently I look like everybody. :)

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