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June Books 7) Another Life

7) Another Life, by Peter Anghelides, read by John Barrowman

My commuting listening this week has been this Torchwood novel as read in the voice of Captain Jack. I don't think I will do that very often in future, for reasons almost entirely unconnected with the quality of the story: the full thing extends over three full audio CDs of over an hour, with no other convenient episode breaks, and is therefore several times longer than an actual Torchwood episode. My routine is much better suited to narrative cut into chunks of around half an hour in length.

Having said that, the story is standard Torchwood - alien creature comes to Cardiff, possesses its human victims, the team deal with it despite gross personal danger - but well told, with nice personal vignettes for each of our favourite characters and good descriptive writing of the horrors of flood and drowning, with an excursion into second person narrative at one point which of course is all the more compelling when delivered via the spoken rather than written word. Barrowman slightly overacts in places and his pronunciation of one or two phrases jarred me, but that is of course part of his charm.


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Jun. 7th, 2008 08:39 am (UTC)
I can't abide Barrowman's flat reading on that CD, I found him a mixture of really dull and really OTT. The best reader of the Torchwood ones is Burn Gorman - not in the same league as David Tennant's audio readings, but getting there.
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