Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Partners in Crime

Well, I enjoyed it. There's no harm in being funny; I enjoyed the Doctor and Donna constantly missing each other and then their silent dialogue. But I was especially impressed with Donna's character's perception that the Doctor has changed - one of Tom Baker's insights into his time on the programme was that his Doctor couldn't really change or develop, and RTD has modified that a bit. I didn't see the plot (as some have) as an attack on fat people. I did like the appearance of That Blonde Girl at the end.

From my friends list, mostly with spoilers: Generally positive to enthusiastic notes from calapine here, stellanova here, altariel (succinctly) here, ephiriel here, and (I think) wwhyte here. A moderate view from lonemagpie here. Rather less enthusiasm from miss_s_b here (also spoilers for last night's Torchwood), sabayone here, ajshepherd here, and especially pickwick here.
Tags: doctor who, doctor who: 10

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